Avonis develops lasting, value-enhancing communication solutions in the digital
environment by combining technology with creativity.

Always one step ahead!


Avonis, in its quest to find perfect solutions for its clients, likes to keep abreast of technical developments, whether it is at the „Future of Webdesign Conference“ in New York, the „Global Mobile Internet Conference“ in China or other major IT events. We attend conferences around the world and tend to come back with new and creative ideas. While others may say „out of the question“, we find ways and means to implement your ideas however complex they may be.

Usability & Accessibility

What is the most important thing to consider when creating an easy-to-use website ? It is not "all important things should not be more than two clicks away" or "speak the language of the users" or even "be consistent".
Instead, the correct answer is: "Don't make me think."


A quotation from Steve Krug.


A good concept is the foundation for a successful project. More than just a schedule, it helps to define furthermore also develop new expectations and wishes. "You need to know the destination earlier than the train", Jean Paul once said - and this is just what we at Avonis believe as well. 


An early conceptional prototype is often imperative for the workflow, whether by "Justinmind", "HotGloo", or also "by hand". At more complex applications we create besides static also dynamic wireframes, in which different page types connected with each other interactively. An abstracted basic structure of the page rounds off this strategic approach and lets all who are involved recognize already very early how the result will look like. 


Corporate web sites

A corporate web site is always the digital business card of an enterprise. Whether a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Friendfeed - all strategic activities in the web refer to the original web site. So it must be a real hit, and Avonis will create it for you. 

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Screen design / interface design

A good visualization - which also shows our technical know-how - is decisive for the representation of complex facts. We always consider our layouts as an interplay between design, usability and technological aspects, like e.g. the consideration of special user-interface navigation of notebooks to mobile touch screen devices. 

Means of advertising

Content ads, Skyscraper or Landingpage, display ads, fullsize banners and triple banners. Interactive, performance-optimized into flash or static. We know all of them and produce them from planning up to delivery. 


Avonis Membership:


TYPO3 is a professional and well-engineered content management system and also the market leader in open source systems. Contents can comfortably be managed with TYPO3 already after short training periods. A very complex system whose configuration and extension require deep know-how and experience works in the background. At Avonis we have been working with TYPO3 for over six years now and so we have a broad knowledge of the installation and optimization of the system. We hence offer development, configuration and maintenance besides the usual, ranging from online platforms to also expert trainings for TYPO3. Thereby we pass on our long-standing expertise to IT professionals in external enterprises.

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The extensive content management and community system Drupal can hardly be surpassed in regards of flexibility and functionality. No other open source CMS has such a large and active community of developers which has produced innumerable high-quality extensions. The heart of Drupal's development beats in the USA with a high frequency. So it does not occur just by chance that its environment shows a dynamic "hands on" mentality. This leads to a rapidly growing new developments and to a nearly inexhaustible number of available modules. Meanwhile, Drupal offers an intelligent and serviceable solution for almost every purpose and every problem. The system will probably not win the beauty prize of software engineering. Other factors like flexibility, stability, time to-market or modularity positively outweigh this, so we can always recommend Drupal increasingly often to add even more value to advanced solutions. Avonis has already completed a wide range of projects successfully. We can also be your partner for Drupal. 

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The new web standard is the latest big thing and will bring about a lot of improvements and reliefs for customers and producers. Even if not all of today's browsers support HTML5 yet, it will merge the mobile world of the internet more and more with the "old" web world. Many elements on internet pages like videos, animations or forms will be created just with HTML5 without the need for additional plug-ins or JavaScript refinements. This makes life easy for the developers. Also for those at Avonis. 

Web development

Looking for technologies which are state of the art ? Our technicians love a challenge. Therefore we particularly like complex projects which require a high degree of individuality. Web applications with MVC frameworks, development of databases and data architecture or cloud computing are music to the ears of our programmers and are only some of the steppingstones on the way to unique solutions.

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Social Media

Today, Facebook is the most frequented page in Germany just behind Google. Seven different social communities in Germany belong to the twenty most frequented pages. Germans spend almost four hours online in social networks. Obviously: This is a market with huge potential. Avonis would like to assist you by designing, maintaining and  further developing social media strategies tailored to your enterprise. 


Nowadays no-one needs to say "I need to connect to the internet" anymore. We always are online, thanks to mobile devices. Growing sales figures show clearly that about 2013, for the first time more smartphones than personal computers will be sold. The rules of the internet game will also be rewritten: Location based services, augmented reality or social networks make the mobile phone an everyday tool and already offe indescribable potential for your own brand. Avonis develops crossmedia-strategies for positioning your enterprise in this thrilling market in cooperation with you. We watch, analyse and optimize your activities continually to keep up with technological development. 

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Whether iPhone or Android-based mobile phones, mobile devices capable of using apps have become the Swiss pocket-knife of the future. Apart from the development of classic applications there are many possibilities of getting your contents on the display: From a flexible grid system to mobile JavaScript frameworks and up to pure app development. Avonis developed, designs and produces your application - whatever you would like to have, we will deliver it! 


The future of marketing is digital. The way we interact with brands, products and even with our own friends has changed remarkably. E-commerce basically offers a giant market for your brand. Avonis helps you to improve your digital products and your costumers' shopping experience while optimizing turnover.