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Wireframes and Prototyping

Avonis integrates the customers into the process of conceptual design at a very early state. This takes place after determining a sitemap by so-called wireframing. At this time topics regarding addressing target groups or regarding communication targets can be clarified, without influencing layout or design. Creating a prototype helps finding out what might cause trouble to an end user or what the focus should be laid on. Complex interfaces or applications can undergo first usability tests, and user scenarios can be defined by using several usergroups.  Afterwards a suitable and aim-orientated design can be conceived in direct cooperation with the developers.

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The KPS AG is a consulting company specialised in the sectors business transformation and process optimisation and is among the leading houses in Europe. KPS is in the top ten of German consulting companies with customers like Hugo Boss, Mercedes or ESPRIT. So it was obvious that existing values of the company should reappear in the communication measures of this large consulting firm. KPS AG showed their courage for self-development and started a complete change of image, included in their entire communication.  From image brochures to websites, from print adertisement to tv commercials – Avonis was awarded the contract to develop and implement a cross-media communication strategy.

* excerpt from communication concept


Avonis first created several creative concepts with different approaches, but in the end a fundamental idea emerged and prevailed. Based on this, a wholesome implementation strategy was developed and transferred to all possible types of media.  The website of KPS AG is the main medium and is the centre of the wholesome relaunch of the company’s communication. Hence Avonis renewed the page structure and aligned the raw grid of the new website by use of wireframing. But our customer had to contribute some work in this project,too. New content and info graphics were created and responsibilities were assigned. Technical implementation of the website was made by use of the latest HTML/CSS and by JavaScript Frameworks with TYPO3.


* design of the company’s brochure and other print ads

The Result

The new communication instruments of KPS AG feature a high-class imagery combined with typography and infographics which create a tonality of its own. A high recognition value has been created. Environmental phenomena like the circle of water and its repeated change of physical state is just one of many examples showing that transformation processes in their perfection can often be found in nature. The analogy of those seamless and consecutive processes is what Avonis uses to demonstrate KPS’s unique approach by the specially developed “Rapid Transformation Methodology®“.



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